Augmented Reality Heartcam

With Mechanism Digital we created an App which could spark their customer’s interest for Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality

Mechanism Digital

Launch date:
February 2012

3 weeks

Watch your heart beat

The ‘Heart Cam’ marker is printed on Mechanism Digital’s t-shirts along with a series of postcards. When you look a person’s chest through the App you see right through to the heart.

Three versions of your heart

The heart is shown in three different versions: Horror, Valentine and X-Ray. Horror shows your heart behind a chest which is ripped right open. Valentine shows a classic romantic heart which you can show to the one you love. X-Ray simulates a medical x-ray image of your beating heart.

Huge interest

With over 60.000 downloads from the iTunes store, the ‘Heart Cam’ App by far surpassed the expectations. As of today the interest for the App continues with many downloads every day.

“Intertisement is our first choice for partnering on digital projects that require novel development solutions and programming. Kim Bleshøy Nielsen and his team were instrumental in the success of our iOS Augmented Reality app HeartCam which has been downloaded over 60,000 times on the iTunes store and continues to get noticed by clients. The positive attitude, attention to detail and organization of Intertisement is a pleasure to work with. Their ability to deliver on time and within budget keeps us referring them as a resource to colleagues in this competitive and fast paced industry.”

– Lucien Harriot, Executive Producer, mechanism digital