Catch the Robot! - Augmented Reality App for IDA

Intertisement created an interactive Augmented Reality App for the IDA Culture Night event of October 9th 2015

Interactive Installation

The Danish Society of Engineers IDA‎

Launch date:
October 9th 2015

IDA wanted to create an interactive universe for people visiting them on Culture Night. Using Augmented Reality, they could demonstrate the possibilities of current technology, and create a universe of play and interaction.

As part of IDA’s theme “The robots are coming” at the Culture Night 2015, Intertisement created a unique app, which visualized a number of 3D-animated Augmented Reality robots.

At multiple locations, hotspots would enable the various Augmented Reality robots to engage with visitors, encouraging them to take selfies with the robots.

These Augmented Reality hotspots will become a permanent part of IDA’s facilities at Kalvebod Brygge 31, showcasing engineering achievements.