Interactive LEGO game - Retail store, Chicago

In Chicago playtime starts even before entering the Lego-store. The children are magically transformed into a LEGO-character and participate in the game of feeding the dragon Brickley.

Interactive Installation

GreatHouse Film / LEGO

Launch date:
June 2011

1 month

Smiles and participation from the children

Along with Greathouse Film, we grabbed attention and created positive relations to the LEGO-dragon Brickley. By being a part of the game, the children had a positive impression of the dragon, even before entering the store.

A lasting impression of the dragon

When a child enter the highlighted spot outside the LEGO-store, it is magically transformed into a LEGO-character displayed on the storefront. The children can then play with the dragon either by teasing it or feeding it. While being entertained the children get a lasting impression of the friendly dragon.

The game is taking place on a large screen on the storefront. A sensor captures the kids movement in front of the store.

Multiple use cases yields longevity

The installation is easy to move and has therefore been used several times, among other places at the LEGO World events. At these events the installation draws attention and creates new passion for the LEGO products.