Interior design and customization of furniture

For BoConcept, Intertisement has created Home Creator. A solution where customer’s homes can be sketched in 3D and furnished with BoConcept’s products.

Business Tools


Launch date:
May 2010

Customization of furniture

By using Home Creator, sales associates in BoConcept’s stores can sketch the customer’s home and insert BoConcept’s products. All products can be customized using different modules, colors, fabrics etc. To ease the job of the sales associate, the system generates a complete quotation with 3D images and pricing details.

Integrated with eCommerce

Every quotation created in Home Creator is linked to BoConcept’s eCommerce solution. To support BoConcept’s strategy for multi channel retail, the customer can bring home the printed quotation from the store and accept the purchase online.

High-quality 3D of customer configurations

Sales associates can visualize the exact product configurations desired by a customer. This is done using high quality images created on-demand. These can illustrate products such as a couch, where everything from modules to legs and fabrics can be customized.

The quality of the 3D-rendering is very high to ensure that every product detail is crisp and clear. Home Creator works in normal browsers and requires no additional plugins. All 3D images are generated remotely to ensure consistency and offload the computers in the stores. This technology has also been the foundation of the iPad App provided for customers in the stores.

Online around the clock

Stability in all 60 countries is a big priority for BoConcept. The solution is online around the clock and is used thousands of times in 60 countries. Being platform independent, the system can be used on many different types of computers and operating systems.