Leads retrieval and follow-up

The Leads Application helps your sales force to retrieve leads fast and easily. We make it easy to collect your leads’ contact information and interests and send them the first follow-up right after the meeting. Your new lead will feel taken care of from the moment you meet.

Business Tools

With the camera of your mobile device you can scan business cards from your leads. The business cards are processed and all relevant contact information will be available for the sales representatives. Use the business card scanner at exhibitions as well as your everyday sales meetings. 

Instant and easy follow-up

The Leads App gives your sales representatives new tools to easily do a follow-up right after the meeting. Sales representatives can send product informations, offers, meeting invites etc. to their new leads. Save time writing the mails and exude seriousness throughout your follow-up. 

Save your customer insights 

Never forget the first meeting. To every leads your able to make personal notes and mark the potential new customers interests in your products. A flexible and fast way of remembering everything about your new leads and keeping your notes safe. 

Work smarter with statistics 

Your sales force can access their personal statistics from exhibitions and trade shows. Information about collected leads and follow-up rates are easy accessible while administrators and managers can see global statistics across all participants at a given trade fair. 

Manage it yourself 

You’ll be able to manage the App yourself. You don’t need to call a support to get your e-mail templates edited or the sales materials updated to the latest version. The administration gives managers access to complete configurations to manage users, exhibitions, follow-up e-mail templates and sales materials. 

Works with your existing equipment 

Whether you are using a desktop computer or a tablet you are able to use the Leads App. The App runs on both Windows, iOS and Android. In this way you are able to register your leads onsite with your tablet and do the follow-ups on your laptop at the hotel in the evening.

Export and CRM integration 

To ensure continued follow-up, the collected leads can be synchronised to an existing CRM or exported to a spreadsheet. CRM integration also makes it possible to recognize existing contacts in the app, even they only exist in the CRM. Spreadsheet export makes it easy to use the lead data in other scenarios. 

Manage leads anywhere – even offline 

No matter the device or your location, the most recent leads data will always be available. If you are using multiple devices, your data is always synchronized from the cloud. When no internet connection is available, new leads are stored locally and synchronized when possible. 

Protected against data loss 

When online, your leads are always synchronized to the cloud. If a device fails, simply log in on another and resume your work.