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Intertisement specializes in Augmented Reality, configuration systems and interactive solutions. With 15 years of experience in producing high quality products for a wide-range of use cases, Intertisement is an accomplished production house ready to take on any challenge.

We’re driven by our goal to make everyday situations easier, more exciting and fun. Visualization and technical skills are Intertisement’s specialties when using new technology to market products towards the customers.

Planimetria – Architectural Visualization In an increasingly digital world of architecture, we seek to create a platform that will meet the demands of project visualization before actual construction begins. Project details Augmented Reality Business Tools Over the past few years, Intertisement has been no stranger to developing visualization applications for a broad range of partners. Prompted by an increasing interest from the construction industry, we created a visualization platform targeted specifically at this field. A platform where digital CAD drawings can be uploaded by the designers and distributed to the key people involved in the project. We call this platform Planimetria and it embodies the knowledge of visualization technology that Intertisement has learned since it’s inception, all while making it easily accessible on mobile devices. Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology, a supported building can be inspected in immersive and natural ways. In Augmented Reality a building can…

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VR visualization of custom built homes

In order to accommodate the wide range of personalized customizations offered for their construction projects, the architectural company Lind & Risør has released an app based on the visualization platform developed by Intertisement.

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In collaboration with partners in the water drainage sector, Intertisement has developed a new solution that uses Augmented Reality technology to create engaging conversations about sustainable over and underground drainage solutions.

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Interactive AR visualization for International Climate Center The International Climate center, Klimatorium in Lemvig, contacted Intertisement with the desire to develop creative solutions that would promote the purpose of Klimatorium. Project details Augmented Reality Client:Klimatorium Launch date:November 2020 Development:5 Months Klimatorium is the meeting point that brings together civil society, authorities, businesses and educational institutions to discuss lifestyle, prevention and adaptation to the climate challenges we face. The climate center collects knowledge about water, which is relevant to the trade and industry, as well as to tourism and the local population. Intertisement therefore developed an application that addresses a wide target group, and aims to convey and create action and interaction. Intertisement contributed as an advisory partner during the initial phase of exhibition planning and concept development. This resulted in a number of ideas that were eventually implemented as either physical installations or included as an integral part of the…

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